Welcome to VENZO Analytics’ First Blog Post! 

by | Oct 4, 2018 | VENZO Analytics Team | 5 comments

Years ago, the first thing we heard when discussing IT challenges in small or larger companies was how they all collected data, but they didn’t use it – different IT operational data were just stored in silos. We knew that making sense of data could reduce a business’ costs significantly. It could give Executives the required insights to start making data-driven decisions and ultimately becoming more competitive through better and smarter use of IT. We knew we had the knowledge to help companies connect the dots between IT and business and thus started VENZO Analytics.  

Who we are? CEO Mikael Timm and CTO Niels Skytte have spent a combined 20+ years working with IT leadership and IT Operations in various contexts. We are located in Copenhagen and we work every day to ensure our clients’ IT strategy is backed by actionable metrics that lead to meaningful results. We work with our partners Metricus and PAFnow and base our technical services on the Microsoft Power BI framework. VENZO Analytics is part of the VENZO Group who has been delivering Microsoft operational services and consultancy for the last 10+ years.   

Why should you read our blog? The blog will be updated regularly with interesting topics for you, applied case studies and the most recent news from us and our partners. We will show you in detail how to make better use of your data.    

What themes we will cover? The articles and materials published will be about how to change dashboards into behavior, focusing on ITSM related topics, IT transparency and data analytics, customer satisfaction, how to go from measuring availability to measuring man-hour-lost and ultimately building solutions to improve performance. From there we’ll move on to using predictive analytics and machine learning to optimize not only ITSM but also IT in general through gaining insight into how your customers are actually experiencing your delivery of IT services. 

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, we would love to hear from you! We encourage you to comment and send us your suggestions. Your feedback will help us create better cases and write more relevant articles. We would like to keep in touch and update you easier – follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.     

VENZO Analytics team.  



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