Operational Analytics

Optain detailed management oriented insight into your operational systems

Usually the enormous amount of data that you have in your IT Service Management system it locked away in a proprietary database format that at best only a few select people in your organization understand how to retrieve.

We have established a close partnership with Metricus, and together we have in depth knowledge of all the leading ITSM vendor's data models. Based on the Metricus framework we can provide you with a ITSM datamart that translates the various vendor specific data models into a common data model for your ITSM data, be it from one or multiple systems.

With this you can start leveraging your ITSM data to gain insight in how you are actually performing. This coupled with an extensive repository of best practice metrics can get you up and running in weeks instead of months.

Contact us for further info on how we could give you insight to your ITSM data. 

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