IT Performance Measurement

Get in charge of how you measure your IT business

Successfully designing metrics that align with your strategy and objectives leaves you with the task of gathering and storing performance data, distributing it to your employees and maintaining and governing your metrics. For this we provide a platform as a service for running IT Service Performance Management.

In many implementations of performance measurement initiatives you're left with a number of Excel based 'data models' that needs to be updated more or less manually. In addition the business logic of how you measure is often locked away in intricate spreadsheets that are often owned and maintained by one person who is the only one that know how it really works. 

For this reason VENZO Analytics offers a fully managed service that help you in setting up a proper governance around working with metrics as well as providing a solution for running the daily operation.

We help you govern your metrics by setting up a metric governance system that allows you to focus on acting on the insights and results of your metrics and KPI's. In addition we manage the data flows required for calculating all metrics as well as assisting you in tuning and creating new metrics on a continuous basis.

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