Service Strategy

Ensure you have the proper governance and technical setup of the way you manage and deliver your services

The service catalog is meant to offer a comprehensive look at the present services that the company can offer to its clients, be it internal or external. However often a Service Catalog is simply just a request catalog detailing the services you can get in terms of service request. This is not wrong in any way, but you also need a service catalog that justifies your reason for delivering services in the first place.

Imagine you had to sell a car only by showing the different options you could select such as navigation, heated seats, free service or perhaps free car wash at the local gas station. All that would be good, but without knowing that the car will bring you from A to B at a certain price, that is all meaningless. Can you describe your IT services the same way in your Service Catalog?

We can help you make sure that the service catalog provides a clear view of how your IT services can fit your customer needs. In addition we can help in how to implement the notion of a service into your other corporate systems, enabling you to support your customer, them being internal or external, in an optimal and make sure it also provides details on how much it can cost them if they acquire a given service.


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