Excel logic conversion

Transfer you Excel based business logic into a fully managed data model

In corporations both large and small everybody works with Excel when faced with challenge involving data. Often called the most successful BI tool there are almost no limits to what you can do in Excel,

We have seen Excel workbooks that are older than 10 years, are linked to 20+ other Excel workbooks (in order to 'work'), contain thousands of formulas and millions of rows. When Excel 'soluions' reach this size they can be called spreadmarts (similar to actual data marts, but build in Excel). Spreadmarts grow over time, usually from one talented Excel individual that was tasked with solving a problem involving various kind of data sources and business logic requirements.

If you are faced with running parts of your business on spreadmarts we can help you to convert this to a managed data model, ensuring consistency and stability in numbers, verification of business logic applied, automation of data flows, better quality and remove dependencies on individuals.

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