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We help you to measure and manage your IT as a business


Power BI for Skype for Business

VENZO Analytics delivers Power BI driven solutions for analyzing your Skype for Business quality and adoption statistics

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Bring Your ITSM Data to Life

VENZO Analytics is Nordic Partner to Metricus – a Framework Approach to IT Performance Measurement

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About VENZO Analytics

Managers know how to manage a workforce. The challenge is getting the facts – and translating them into meaningful information. We help you bridge the gap between measurement and management.

You state the metrics that move your business forward, we collect your data, build the models and measure your IT services and processes.

We use the latest in Microsoft BI technology ranging from Power BI to Azure ML. 

Our solutions are built around a framework for rapid deployment of IT Performance Measurement solutions that consists of data integration packages for commonly used IT Enterprise applications.

Leave it to us to keep track of the rapid evolving MS BI stack so you can focus on achieving business results without getting tied down with technological challenges.

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Can you measure your IT performance?

Imagine easily tracking the results of your company’s IT service and process performance. Imagine data driven improvement initiatives in your company, based on metrics from all your IT systems combined in one scorecard. VENZO Analytics provides you with the tools and data insights.

Get your data straight and let us help you move your business forward.

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